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We settle for only the best, we won't leave until the job is done and agree on only the most beautiful of designs.
We grasp challenges with both hands and don't let go until we can measure our success.

For many businesses, the website is the first point of contact with the customer. The design of the site is a representation of the company and will affect whether potential customers will do business with you. We build websites that stand out.

Search Engine Optimisation by AJM will help you to conquer search engines and place your business at the valuable #1 spot. How much could that traffic be worth to your business?

Pay Per Click advertising lets you skip the lengthy SEO process and gain instant return on investment in search engine advertising. Best of all, you have full control of your budget.

Email marketing allows you to deliver your message into the inboxes of potential customers. We use tried and tested methods to generate leads and make sales. We never spam.

A logo is the identity of the company. Strong branding has a bigger influence on company success than many would believe. Our logo designs are beautiful, adaptable and memorable.

Social media is one of the internet's most powerful marketing tools. Millions of customers can be reached with incredibly accurate targeting.

We make sure that your customers find you in all the right places. Marketing experts from Norwich.

What Our Clients Say

Dominic Shaw - Aston Shaw
Our website was starting to look old and was falling behind our competition's sites. None of use knew the first thing about creating a website which is why we contacted AJM marketing. AJM created an impressive new website in three weeks and took the time to show us how everything worked. Would definitely recommend.
Daryn Ferguson - The Cliff Hotel
Both our website and our ppc advertising were in need of some maintenance. Our website was out-dated and our ppc adverts were under performing. We contacted AJM marketing and they designed and created a brand new website for us and they also turned around our ppc campaigns and within a month there were major improvements.